We are pleased to offer Croydon Club members a choice of new colours for the club shirt. The Blue shirt is our official colour but we are grateful to LR Designs for these excellent additions.
The shirts are subsidised by the club and are now on sale to members at £10. The Trials section have a different shirt which can be obtained free of charge for the time being.

We hold a small stock of Blue shirts and the additional colours are available to order. Please note the image bottom right applies only to the Red and Yellow design.
For members, LR Designs are at present also offering your chosen name across the shoulders free of charge.
Please refer to your No1 magazine for the Editors contact information to order, the shirts sizes are M L XL XXL.
Our partners LRDESIGN have many other lines you may be interested in including high quality bike graphics and flags, see our welcome page.
Please use the link below to visit their web site for more information. 

Club Shirts

LR Designs