I am always grateful to Mick Bradbrook pictured left, a Croydon Life member who has sent us some fascinating photographs from the past.
I'm sure everyone will all agree being a member of any club is a commitment from both the club and the member. Sometimes
it is good to remember the past achievements and members' exploits to give ourselves context and recognise the responsibility we have
to maintain this club in good order and continue its core values of competition in motorcycle sports, friendship and sportsmanship.
I am informed these two photographs from 1903 and 1904 are the oldest mentioning Croydon Motorcycle Club, known then as Croydon Motor Club.

No 86 Frank Barlett Jnr Croydon member and British GrassTrack Champion 250 and 500cc 1948 / 1949.
Still sporting number 86 Frank Jnr is grinning from ear to ear as he gains on Croydon member 67 Les Mitchell racing at Capel Nr Dorking.Take
another look and think Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond and James May ! !  They say things rarely change, we are trying to get members
 to wear the club shirt and it looks like Les forgot his Club Tie on this occasion.
Mick Bradbrook in action
Croydons Club Magazine called the No1 was started by one of our most committed members, Ray Kennard in 1988. A sidecar Enduro specialist with his wife Hazel, our current membership secretary, It was one of a number legacies Ray gave to our club before his death.

The First No1 PDF
Ray Kennard