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We are actively looking for new Croydon members who would like to try Trials Riding.

Trials riding is the “Dark Art” of motorcycling, its very cheap to do including competing when compared to Enduro riding. Most Enduro riders acknowledge, if you want to be good at 'off road' riding, it's Trails first. Its a must for all the technical bike control skills.

We have a strong Trials side to the club with a rich history. We are members of the Star Group, a collection of clubs that run regular Trials events throughout the year. Click on the Link above to see the Star Group web page. Here you will find the years competitions and most of the information you need. Check out the Gallery for some good visual info. 

We as a club also organise Trials training and have plans afoot for a day with Freestyle instructors in July. So don’t delay, go to our “Join Us” page and get involved. You could have numbers on your bike before you know it!